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The Frequencer™ vs CPT

An open controlled pilot study comparing postural drainage using CPT and the Frequencer™ was performed on a population of CF patients. The results revealed that the Frequencer™ was as good as CPT, despite the fact that it was tested on patients in a sitting position, who therefore could not benefit from postural drainage.

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Figure 3 - Effect of CPT versus Frequencer™ therapy on sputum production as determined in 22 patients with cystic fibrosis. All patients underwent both forms of chest physiotherapy for 20 minutes and sputum was collected and weighed during this therapy and during 5 minutes following therapy. Between 18 and 24 hours separated the two therapies. Results are expressed in panel A as the mean ± sem (n = 22, P = 0.97) and in panel B with the results of the Frequencer™ are expressed as a function of those obtained with CPT. The solid line represents the best fit line created by Deming model II linear regression. The slope is significantly different from 0 (P < 0.0001).

In summary, we have reported a novel physiotherapy device based on the generation of acoustic and mechanical energy that can be delivered to all areas of the chest of patients with disease causing excessive airway mucus production. The device is comfortable, easy to use and safe. Most importantly, it allows patient autonomy in the delivery of this essential form of therapy. The results presented in this study suggest that the Frequencer™ is at least as effective as CPT in facilitating the expectoration of sputum.

André M. Cantin, Marc Bacon, Yves Berthiaume 2005. Mechanical airway clearance using the Frequencer™ electro-acoustical transducer in cystic fibrosis. Comparison of the Frequencer™ with other mechanical airway clearance techniques

Airway clearance techniques
Operating mechanism
Chest Physiotherapy Other mechanical airway clearance techniques The Frequencer™
Gravity-induced mucus flow X X*
Opening airways by increasing expiratory pressure X
Shock waves traveling through the chest help mucus to loosen from airway walls X
Resonant flexure excites the primary thoracic resonance in the upper airways X
Targeting individual areas in the lungs X Limited X
Resonant flexure that occurs locally, rather than exciting only the primary thoracic resonance X X
Modification of mucus rheology with mechanical oscillation X
Peristaltic flow in tubes from longitudinal waves X
Classical acoustical streaming in a boundary layer X
Acoustical streaming in a boundary layer adjacent to a mechanically vibrating surface X
Acoustical streaming from acoustical waves acting on the fluid surface X
Mixing of viscous fluids by waves in conditions that promote streaming X
Faraday instability that causes surface waves on Maxwellian fluids X
Beneficial coupling X

*In a reclining position.

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