Louis Plante, CF Patient and Inventor
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Louis Plante, CF Patient and Inventor

Louis It all started with Louis Plante, a 26 year old CF patient who woke up one morning wondering why he had to leave a rock concert a few months earlier because he was coughing too much. He thought he could have been sitting too close to a big speaker in front of him.

Being a good electronics technician, Louis started working on a device that would generate pure low frequencies. Looking at this array of wire and electronic circuits screwed on a piece of plywood was a bit scary but to Louis its was performing miracles. Test results on Louis were so astonishing even his physician couldn't believe it. Up to the day he started using this new sound machine, Louis had never responded very well to clapping although it was done by his mother, an experienced nurse at the University of Sherbrooke Medical Center.

At the age of 11 Louis lost his twin sister to CF and like many young CF patients, Louis denied his illness for many years. His FEV1 was at 42% when he first tried his low frequency generator.

On a regular basis, Louis used to expectorate 5g of mucus at the end of a CPT session. It was now a constant 65g and more with his new device. It would even reach 96g on occasions. That was in 2001.

In 2006, Louis has a lung transplanted... but he kept his clearance device close by... just in case... and twice Louis says it prevented him from loosing one of his new transplanted lungs.

In 2008, Louis' physician scheduled a new operation, this time to remove his new left lung after a scan showed a severe infection on his upper lobe. Two weeks later, Louis returned for the operation and they performed a new scan to update their previous diagnosis... the infection had disappeared!

Louis told them he had used his frequency device so much during those 2 weeks it must have dried up the infected area... because no pills or antibiotics were used... just low frequency...

In 2009, same scenario... same lobe... This time, the physician recommended that Louis repeat what he had done the first time...


It is with great sadness that we announced of the death of Louis Plante last April 8th, 2017. Louis was the inventor of the Frequencer, a medical device that uses acoustics to clear the airways of patients suffering from pulmonary congestion. Louis had cystic fibrosis; a degenerative condition that affects different organs, but especially the digestive system and the lungs.

However, his condition was never a restrictive factor, Louis was dynamic, creative, resourceful, playful, and always in a good mood. He was truly special, one of those rare people you meet in life who completely transforms how you see the world.

Louis, you will always be remembered at Dymedso for your contribution helping people suffering from airway clearance difficulties and we'll make every effort to ensure that all patients in need can benefit from your invention.

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